"Homage to Anton Bruckner" - auf deutsch lesen...

Anton Bruckner and Jazz orchestra, a genius of classical music history, in connection with the traditional Jazz orchestral ensemble - the Big Band?

If one looks at the current development in Jazz one cannot help but notice that a great number of prominent musicians are trying to make connections between the musical languages of Jazz and Classical music. Several reasons for the desire to get closer to another tradition are: to enrich one’s own vocabulary, the traditional ensemble can acquire new sounds, and the possibility of amplifying one’s tonal language.

Already in the first half of the twentieth century Jazz and Classical composers were intensely involved with the task of building bridges between the two areas.

With the project "Homage to Anton Bruckner" the composers of the "Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra" have presented themselves the challenge of creating compositions inspired by the symphonic works of Anton Bruckner. Elements of Bruckners musical language were to be incorporated, these ideas further developed and structures designed for complete musical works.

The "Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra" proves itself with this concert program as a modern ensemble which loves to experiment. The compositional level of the orchestra is way up there! In the search for new musical impressions in the Jazz context the listener will be richly rewarded



"S´Beserl" (Christian Maurer)

"Der 7.Streich" (Florian Bramböck)

"Crucial Qualities" (Robert Bachner)

"Der Anton aus Triol" (Helmar Hill)

"Adagio" (Michael Gibbs)

"No Time for Regret" (Kenny Wheeler)

"2nd Round" (Christian Bachner)

"Der alleruntertänigst Unterfertigte" (Allfred Vollbauer)

"Different Steps" (Manfred Weinberger)

"Locus iste" (Blacky Blach)